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Xtrade was first recognized in 2003 and is owned by XFR Financial Ltd, a company certified and accredited to operate by CySEC, to bid Contracts for Difference. “Contracts for difference” means an agreement between the seller and buyer of an asset to trade the difference in the current value of a stock, commodity, currency, or assets and its value at the end of an agreement. It also provides trading services on shares, commodities, indices, and foreign currencies. It has offices across five continents and customers from more than 140 countries. The company has several Sub-brands, including Xtrade reviews Europe Ltd. and XTrade International Ltd that service customers from Dubai to Uruguay.

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What makes Xtrade exceptional?

According to xtrade reviews, the platform has several advantages that give customers a chance to trade. This includes;

  • It has the best mobile trading platform where customers can just download the app easily and trade even at their homes.
  • The platform is user-friendly since it allows the traders to access the history, trading tools, free demos.
  • Exceptional customer service where a customer can be able to communicate faster. The platform is operational 24hours a day, 5 days a week and one can communicate to the staff via email, chat, or call their international number. The site offers a quicker response if a customer needs assistance.
  • Their signing-up option is very simple. You just need to click register and then start trading. This site also offers attractive bonuses that are friendly

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