What You Should Know About Customized Metric Washers

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Customized Metric Washers

Metric washers are these types of washers that are used for load distribution. Its fitted with a bolt or screw over a larger area to help create an even seal and prevent loosening or vibration during a build or use. It might not look like much but for the right people that are in need or making a sturdy and stable build or structure, this is very important. From skateboards, to building, to cars and so on, you will need washers.

But the problem with washers nowadays are standards. In a sense, standards in terms of quality are good, but standards in shape only limits a person from making something really awesome. This is the reason why there are various types of washers. But every build is special and it will require different types of washers in various shapes and sizes.

Why customization is important: Customization of washers in terms if shape and sizes is important because there are various ways that washers can be used. Sometimes you would want or wish to have a specific shape or size but you can’t really get it because no one is making it. Instead you settle, you make adjustments to your build which is a hassle. Come custom washer manufacturers. These guys will help you with your build by supplying you with washers that you will need to complete it. The best part of all of this is that you’re not going to be the one will adjust.

customized washer

Various types of washers: Before you ask for a customized washer you have to know a few types of washers and you should know that these types of washers already has various types of shapes and sizes. Take the company named Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. for example, they have various Metric washers for you to choose from.

  • Types:
    • Metric flat washer
    • Fender washers
    • Lock washers
    • High collar lock washers
    • Lock washers external tooth
    • Lock washers internal tooth
  • Sizes:
Sku Material ID MM OD MM Thick. MM
175-2150 Copper 1.143 2.565 0.381
175-2151 Copper 1.676 5.182 0.762
175-2152 Copper 1.803 3.175 0.406
175-2153 Copper 1.905 4.724 0.483
175-2154 Copper 2.261 3.327 0.508
175-2155 Copper 2.337 5.08 0.254
175-2156 Copper 2.337 5.08 0.406
175-2157 Copper 2.413 5.563 1.092
175-2158 Copper 2.464 3.912 0.127
175-2159 Copper 2.515 3.912 0.381
175-2160 Copper 2.54 8.712 0.61
175-2161 Copper 2.591 5.918 0.127
175-2162 Copper 2.921 5.359 0.508
175-2163 Copper 2.946 5.004 0.889
175-2164 Copper 3.048 6.299 0.127
175-2165 Copper 3.099 4.648 0.381
175-2166 Copper 3.099 6.274 0.508
175-2167 Copper 3.15 6.299 0.406
175-2168 Copper 3.15 7.061 0.838
175-2169 Copper 3.175 17.475 1.575
175-2170 Copper 3.2 18.212 0.813
175-2171 Copper 3.226 15.113 0.508
175-2172 Copper 3.226 15.113 0.813
175-2173 Copper 3.226 18.161 0.254
175-2174 Copper 3.251 6.248 0.254

Metric washers are one of the common washers that are being used in a ton of things. It’s also a washer that some people wish that would be customized as well. Having a customized metric washer allows builders to make their dreams possible since there are no imitations. If you’re looking for a custom manufacturer of metric washers, let it be Superior Washer & Gasket Corp.

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