What is the Kitchen Summer Checklist?

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Summer is here at last! Although you may envision a complete season of barbecuing, your kitchen will be facing the same problems — if not more — than normal. Give your home a once-over prior changing your cooking routines over the next few weeks to maintain it working at its best. Here is another brief rundown of everything you need to accomplish. You can also take help from professionals like JSB Home Solutions that can help you in making sure that the kitchen summer checklist is well maintained. Well, let’s take a look at this checklist.

Kitchen Summer Checklist

Deep-clean the appliances’ surroundings and behind them.

Clean the nooks of your stove, scrape the mildew from your washer, and clean the circuits of your refrigerator. Whenever it’s hot outdoors, your devices work much harder, so you just want things to be as fresh as possible.

Clean out the cabinets.

Insect activity increases in the summer, and also any spillage or open containers attract pests. Remove everything from your top and lower cupboards, as well as the racks in your closet. After that, clean all of the cabinets and reinstall the products.

Keep your windows clean.

You’ll notice how dusty your panes are as once hot summer light shines through it. Make a point of doing it on an overcast day while the cleanser doesn’t dry until you can clean it up, leaving stains.

Switch up your devices.

During the summertime, you may have noticed that you use the blender more often than the slow cooker. It’s the same with the ice cream machine and your pasta machine. Take out your holiday decorations — or at the very least, relocate them to front of cupboards — and place it back away. When you put anything away for the season, double-check that it’s clean. Also, whether you’re bringing out summer-related items, dust them off so they’re ready when you really need them.

Replace the glass with plastic.

It’s time to get out the melamine plates and acrylic glasses. You’ll need these goods, especially if you’re transporting food into or out of the apartment or have a group of pals running about the lawn. Safety comes first!

Clean out your garbage container.

We understand why you wouldn’t want this outside during the cold, but once it was warmer, people don’t have any excuses. Clean out your garbage can thoroughly. Consider dumping food leftovers into a ziploc baggie which you can carry outdoors daily to avoid smelling rubbish after you’re finished and returning inside.

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