What is a Corporate Video?

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A corporate video is a video about the organization and its business. This is mostly used for promoting and raising awareness about the company brand. Corporate videos are mostly used for setting business and serving many other business purposes.

Below are some of the essential functions are listed:

  • Instructional, Training, and safety videos for employees
  • Presentations for Investor
  • Service or new product demonstrations
  • Customer and Client testimonial videos
  • Activity and event summaries
  • Summaries of Business event
  • Webcasting
  • Company leaders’ interviews
  • Introduction of the company to potential customers or clients

But in the corporate world what is the need for videos for business?

Everyone is consuming the information in different ways

Some people enjoy reading text on the company’s blog while others will react to better visual interaction which is found in videos. According to insight from Forbes, 59% of executives would like to watch the video rather than just keep on reading text.

Excellent marketing strategies

Corporate videography services Singapore has been indexed by Google as the marketing strategy. This will help in boosting the traffic on the company’s website and this would help in converting the viewers into customers.

Easy to Share

Corporate videos are shared quickly and very easily by the employees and customers via emails or on social media sites. In this way, this video is viewed by many people. Corporate videos are designed in such a way that it will deliver easily exciting information without losing traction with the audience. It is much better than just delivering the presentation and speech. Most of the companies will not have the resources and experience like the top corporate companies will do. So, you will end up delivering the same unpolished content again in your corporate video.

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