What does ULC school offer us?

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The Conversational  English Course at ULC focuses on the fundamentals of the  English language as well as conversational applications of the language for adults. Also, are the classes excellent for beginners learning basic  English, but they are also enjoyable and beneficial for foreigners aiming to better their communicative abilities with Singaporeans. Students in the Conversational  English courses learn fundamental and applied communication skills. Classes are taught by qualified teachers and usually include a great deal of communicating and interacting with the other students during the lessons. Beginners would be able to grab the language more quickly if they practice during discussions and interact with their classmates in English class for beginners adults. This type, of course, is especially beneficial for foreigners living in Singapore who are attempting to learn the formal country’s language.

What do they have to offer?

Learning simple Grammar does not have to be difficult if you attend the right school. The  English for Beginners course at ULC is ideal for students who want to focus on developing simple  English language skills in such a fun and enhancing environment with other adults.

Learning  English can be challenging, but now with their expert instructors and back-to-back lessons, their students are in good hands. Whether you want to learn the fundamentals of  English, improve your English corporate skills, or let your child learn a new language, you can find the right course for you.

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