What are the advantages of bongs over water pipes?

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As we’ve already mentioned, bongs offer much more surface area for smoke to pass through, resulting in a more substantial hit. In addition to this, it is much easier for bong enthusiasts to clear their smoke from the chamber and bowl due to having larger percolation holes than their water pipe counterparts. The large bowl also allows you to pack your bowl with larger quantities of weed, which may result in a more intense high.


The initial effect of smoking anything in a bong is more substantial. The entire inhale and exhale deeper and more pronounced. This happens because when smoke travels through the water in a pipe, there are several different paths that it can travel. As you inhale, some smoke travels through the airway and goes directly to your lungs. However, some of the smoke will be caught in the water inside your bong. The other way that smoke travels through pipes is from one water chamber to another through percolation holes (this is called diffusion).


When this happens, the smoke is drawn through the water and back into your bong as you hold your breath. This results in a similar, yet weaker effect to smoking in a bong. It’s not uncommon for people to use tiny pipes for their first hit and then transition over to bong pipes because of the more potent high they get.

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The main difference between glass and ceramic pipes is that they are made of different materials. While both materials can be used to make excellent water pipes, they have some significant differences. The most obvious difference is that glass is transparent, whereas ceramic may be translucent or opaque (depending on the colour). This can be a significant difference for people who want to smoke in the comfort of their own homes as they can choose to look through any glass pipe. On the other hand, when you’re sitting outside with friends and your bong is covered in ice and snow, no one wants to see what’s inside the bowl. This may lead you to prefer a transparent or opaque glass pipe instead of a translucent or opaque ceramic piece.


When it comes to comfort, a glass pipe is easier to use and care for than a ceramic piece. In addition, glass pieces are generally more durable and stand up better to being dropped, bumped or even kicked by accident.


Ultimately, if you’re searching for the best bong for bongs, we suggest you consider all of the above pros and cons before making a purchase.

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