Tips to negotiate on car prices

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Some people think that negotiation is a dreadful thing to do. But it isn’t. Negotiating for a particular thing can get you stuff at a very less price. In case of buying cars, negotiation is a must in order to get the best deal for your car. If you haven’t negotiated on the used luxury cars in chicago before, we are going to share a few tips with you about negotiating when you are buying a new car.


Before you start negotiating for your choice for your car, you need to start preparing for it a bit early. First of all, you need to gain information about the price range for your car. Then, you have to set a target price and also be ready with the price list from other dealers. It is better if you avoid to negotiation on a monthly payment basis. Basically, you should ask for the total purchase price of the car. It is generally the salesman who informs you about the price after discussion with his manager. The price which they are going to tell you is generally a lot more. You can negotiate the price and this is where the negotiations start.

At this moment, you need to tell the salesman about the different prices which different dealers are ready to offer. You need to make the salesman feel that you are well informed about the market. Doing so, the salesman will have to offer you a better deal than or else he knows that you are likely to buy the ca from some other dealer. And thus, you will have your choice of car at a very less price.

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Hitting the Right Price

You can know the True Market Value (TMV) from many websites. You could also know it by contacting different dealers and know about their price of the car. Using the TMV, you can plan your strategy for negotiating.  You can also look at the TMV and the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). This would give you a clear idea about the pricing. During a negotiation, you should be well prepared about the price which you want, the counter to the offers of the dealer and the highest price which you can afford. This will give you an advantage. Doing research on the car price will give you the confidence to get a better deal if not the best.

Negotiation does not happen in a minute or so. You need to have patience and also be prepared for the offer. There is no need to hurry to close the deal. Once you have figured out the best price for your car, you should negotiate around it and try to get the closest price deal possible.


Negotiation is the best way of getting the best out of the lot.

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