Start by checking your MasterCard gift card balance if it’s lost

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There are many possible things that can happen at any time and you have to tackle all that in a perfect way. If your gift card is lost or stolen then you have to block it as soon as possible otherwise anyone can do misuse of that without your knowledge. Doing this can save your hard earn money but before that try to login authorized website and then check mastercard gift card balance.

How to block the card immediately?

If you think anyone can do misuse of your card then you have to take preventive measures that will help you in saving your money, for that you have to follow the following things-

  • Report complaint by calling toll-free number and let them know that your master gift card is stolen or lost and you want to block your card immediately.
  • You have to provide number of your lost or stolen card so that they will block all future transactions from that card.
  • Try to register your card at the beginning as many issuers do not replace non-registered card

Following all the above things help you in saving your money and you will get your new card in a short period of time. Once you get your new card then you can begin to use by checking the new mastercard gift card balance so that you will know whether you have got the balance amount of your previous card or not.

Can you block the card by calling customer support?

Yes, you can block by calling on toll- free number of customer care executive so that it will be very easy to let them know about the problem and get an instant solution. While calling you has to know the details of your card then only it is possible to block your card otherwise you will not be able to stop the usage of your stolen card.

Hence it is better to register your card to avoid any type of problem while applying for the new one.

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