Rise of ISIS- An Overview

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crimes and laws associated

ISIS is one of the major terrorist groups today that stand erect challenging the entire human existence. The book “Rise of ISIS- a Threat We Can’t Ignore” raises the concerns pertaining to ISIS. Jay Sekulow, the author of the book has analyzed how ISIS and other terrorist groups have the potential to destroy the entire human race.

It all started little by little; back when ISIS was an infamous and still growing terrorist group. ISIS is the wealthiest Jihadist terrorist organization in the world today. It came to existence with the aim of creating an Islamic state circling Iraq and Syria. ISIS was born out of Al Qaeda and now has spread so much that it can cause an irrevocable havoc. Today, the entire world knows the terror that ISIS spreads through the grotesque, torturing videos that are uploaded on the internet.

crimes and laws

While people know ISIS from the surface, Jay Sekulow gives an intensive understanding of the dangers that this terrorist group poses for the world through his book. He brings war related crimes and laws associated with wars to attention of readers. Rise of ISIS is a well-written book that takes into account the intricacies of the matter and extremities in the most realistic ways.

The author has had first-hand experiences that he mentions in the book, making it a very genuine read for readers. All of that coupled with an extensive amount of research makes this book very informative for anyone who’d want to delve deeper and know more about ISIS and its impact on the world.

The author has been in direct contact with the Jihadists during an operation for the freedom of Iraqis. Besides that, he has also appeared many a times before the office of the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court at The Hague. All of these experiences give commoners an insight into the urgent situation that we are all in.

While ISIS directly holds immense threat for The United States of America, it doesn’t leave the rest of the world out of its target. The result of the activities that ISIS carries out and plans to carry out would only end up ambushing and affecting each part of the world. The most terrifying thing about ISIS is that whatever it does, it does out in the open and makes it obvious. This needs the world to be aware of ISIS’s capabilities and have the most tangible plan to counter.

In the expanded edition of the book, Sekulow has mentioned latest events concerning ISIS wars and how ISIS is posing more threats. While ISIS was an infamous terrorist group, it has now spread across the globe and has terrorists belonging to different nations. It naturally poses direct threat to Christians located in Middle East today. If not dealt with, we’d be encountering the biggest genocide of all time.

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