Process and merits of die casting

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custom die casting

The process of die casting is not a new concept as this process of using pressure injection has been in use in the mid of eighteenth century. As per industry experts, this good old process has been put to use by deploying metals like tin and lead in the early days.  With the introduction of metal alloys of zinc , aluminum and magnesium this old process has been refined and today  the industry has witnessed a remarkable growth as we see many custom die casting techniques are widely used in various industries for different applications.  The technique of die casting has seen a rapid growth from the low pressure injection technique to high pressure techniques which can even reach as high as five thousand psi.  By using this amazing technique one can make high quality products which have fabulous surface finishing. In spite of its development, die casting is still considered to be economical as well as an effective process used by many industries across the world.

Die casting is a superior technique

When compared to other manufacturing techniques, die casting technique is considered to be highly superior as it is durable and offers aesthetic look to the parts.  More importantly, die casting materials merge seamlessly with the other parts in many automotive and aerospace industries.  The real benefits of die casting lie on its ability to make parts of complex shapes and forms.

Also such parts have high tolerance levels than any other mass production products.  With the usage of die casting technique critical parts can be produced in high volumes at a reasonable cost. The cost factor looks to be very promising for the manufacturers to go for die casting techniques.  Also, the die casting machines are available in affordable prices and hence these machines can even be purchased by small or tiny industries.

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