Potty Training Your Kiddos

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Potty Training Your Kiddos

Many parents feel it is a huge obstacle and they try to postpone the process by going along with the diapers. But the sooner you begin, the success rate is faster. The time take for Potty training may differ for boys and girls and hence you will have to flex your rules accordingly. Every child is unique but there are certain thumb which work most of the time. Zindelijkheidstraining is very important milestone in every kid’s life.

The first being when you announce to the baby, each parent that you are visiting the loo to urinate or otherwise, this way the kids who learn by imitating will know that they will have to go to washroom to relieve themselves. The next step would be how to seat themselves properly and do their job and get off it only when they are done. This is tricky for a hyperactive kid and to keep them engaged you could give them their favourite book or toy while at it.

seat for toddlers

There are kid sized potty’s or potty seats that can be attached to the adult commode. This will make the kid lose the fear of falling in. There various fun shaped baby potty seats with funny animal designs and colours to motivate them to seat on finish their job. The boys tend to stand and pee and getting the right aim and not spraying all over would need practice. But you can make make sure the toilet seat is up. Girls have to be seated for both processes and you should make sure the toilet seat is dry each time and clean, as girls have the tendency to get infected more.

It is advisable not use the toilet seat for toddlers with urine guard as it it may scratch the penis of the child. Please use materials which aren’t toxic and environment friendly and does not injure the child. Zindelijkheidstraining is a part of every child growing up. Patience is the key to getting the child potty training it can be exhausting and when accomplished exhilarating too. Getting the child to be comfortable with new bought potty and seeing that he/she uses it when needed not just a seat to sit.

Giving the kids rewards is a great motivation for the kid as well as it becomes a gradual habit. Use normal underwear’s during the training process though initial dampers of not being quick enough or being too busy in playing may result in few clean ups but slowing and steadily pick up the rhythm and every half and hour by the way make him/her sit on the pot, each time may not be a success but gradually yo7 will get their as the child will then get used to going and relieving himself/herself.


Moreover moms are the first teachers to their child are a known and a desirable fact. They teach their child in all the aspects. Similarly the essence of toilet training in all the approaches is effectively trained to their child. It’s a mom responsibility to make his child to be aware of an essence of physical cleanliness emotionally as well.

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