Paint the apartment when you move out?

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As soon as the new apartment is rented, the stress of moving begins. With all the anticipation of the new home, the old apartment is often forgotten. However, many landlords demand that the tenants hand over their old apartment renovated in concrete terms this usually means: freshly painted. But does that mean you have to paint all the walls white in that case consulting handyman in Warner Robins is a good option.

Painting dependent on the clauses in the rental agreement

The apartment must also have been renovated before the tenancy

White must not be prescribed as a wall color

However, walls need to be painted neutral

Whether tenants have to paint their apartment before they move depends on the rental agreement; more precisely, of the renovation clauses. Through this, the landlord obliges his tenant to renovate. The prerequisite for this is the condition of the apartment before moving in and the respective wording.

However, as soon as the tenancy is coming to an end, this relationship changes. This means that the landlord can demand in the rental agreement that tenants paint the walls before the handover. However, rigid color specifications are also not permitted here, so the landlord may not explicitly stipulate that the walls of the apartment be painted white. However, as soon as the tenant has given notice, the landlord wants to re-let the apartment as soon as possible. In order to ensure that this is as easy as possible, the tenant must not hinder this and can be obliged to paint the apartment. Even if white is not explicitly specified as the wall color, in the end it mostly boils down to typical wall colors. Because the landlord can request “neutral” wall colors. The same applies to painting doors, window frames and the ceiling.

The situation is similar with wallpaper, a specific type of wallpaper such as woodchip may not be specified. As long as the wallpaper meets the neutral design specifications, it does not have to be removed. However, tenants should remove unusual wallpapers and patterns or photo wallpapers and replace them with neutral types of wallpaper .

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