Overview and costs of Softros LAN messenger

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Overview and costs of Softros LAN messenger

A lan messenger is a simple and effective application that is used to exchange messages and for communication between employees within an organization.  One such amazing LAN messenger is the softros pan messenger which is quite user-friendly and it is widely used as it is a safe, secure and effective medium for intra office communication.  It is very fast and easy to set up and use the software and you need not worry about purchasing a separate server in order to run the software.

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Overview of the features that are available in the softros LAN messenger —

There are some amazing features present in the softros LAN messenger which makes it so much popular.  Some of the notable ones include —

  • AES- 256 data encryption for better security.
  • Serverless architecture to avoid costs of buying an additional server.
  • Group messaging facility.
  • Individual as well as group conversations.
  • Offline messaging.
  • User groups creation.
  • File and image transfer.
  • Message history details.
  • Remote desktop sharing.
  • Active director and domain support.
  • Terminal services support.
  • VPN, WAN, LAN, and VLAN support.
  • Multiple levels of user access and permissions.
  • Exporting, importing and pre-configuring user settings.
  • Network-wide deployment of group policy.

Based on these amazing features, Softros has bagged the rising star award in 2017 by Finances online and also the great user experience award from the same company.

Review and ratings of Softros LAN messenger –

Based on the analysis of the features of this software it is ranked 13 out of all other lan messengers in the market. According to the customer reviews, it is evident that it has the capability of catering to the unique needs of enterprises and is an innovative chat and messaging application. It might not fit the needs of all businesses but it is easy to adapt your business according to this system. Be sure to check all the features and advantages of the software and compare it with your needs before you make a purchase.

Cost of Softros Lan messenger —

There are 3 pricing plans for the messenger such as $12.95 per user, $855 per site and $2350 per worldwide license.

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