Melanotan II – side effects and side effects of peptide use

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Melanotan II is a peculiar self-tanner, thanks to which you can quickly get the same tan as after sunbathing or using a solarium. Melanotan II is a preparation containing synthetic analogs of the metabotropic hormone, i.e., alpha-metabotropic hormone. In the human body, this hormone is produced in the pituitary gland, where it acts on cells containing pigment, i.e., melanin. The goal of Melanotan II is to stimulate melanocytes, i.e., skin pigment cells, where to buy melanotan  to produce even more pigment. The tan itself is above all more durable than that obtained on a tanning bed or using self-tanning, and the effect appears after ten injections. The product provides a gradual, natural-looking brown skin all over the body without having to go to the sun, tanning beds, or using tanning appliances. The use of this agent not only avoids the tanning process itself, but also any skin irritation, sunburns, or other negative effects of UV radiation. Melanotan itself was initially studied by American scientists as a medicine used in diseases related to photosensitivity.

Frequent tanning – what are the consequences?

In the summer, you do not think about the consequences of tanning, which are serious and make themselves felt in the future. The most common effects of prolonged  where to buy melanotan and frequent exposure to the sun are:

Sunburn – blisters, burning, pain, i.e., inflammation of the outer layer of the skin. Redness appears; after some time, you may feel flu symptoms (runny nose, fever, chills).

Sunstroke is one of the most serious effects of prolonged exposure to the sun without adequate protection. It is classified as a medical case caused by overheating. Without proper treatment, sunstroke can lead to irreversible damage to the brain and other internal organs: melanoma – the most malignant of all skin cancers. It is caused by too intense exposure to the sun and carelessness to protect the skin against UV rays properly. It should be remembered that melanoma often only manifests itself during menopause, so you should always protect your skin from the sun.

XXL glasses

Natural eye protection from the sun (squinting of the eyelids, narrowing of the pupil) is not enough on sunny summer days. Ultraviolet can cause conjunctivitis, corneal damage, clouding of the iris (cataract), contribute to macular degeneration. Therefore, sunglasses are not a fashionable accessory – they protect your eyesight. They should be large, with wide temples, so that they protect the eyes well from sunlight, including reflected ones. They have to have anti-UV filters. Otherwise, they don’t harm because they don’t squint your eyes, and the pupil opens wide. Therefore a lot of ultraviolet reaches deep into the eyeball. Buy sunglasses from an optician to make sure they protect from the sun.

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