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Right from the early 80s to the mid 20s technology and its impact on our lives have considerably increased. The impact of technology is a debatable concept where you have the advantages outshining the disadvantages in many instance. The past three decades can be termed as the evolution of technology and the integration of technology in our daily lives making it simple and convenient. The mid 90s experienced a radical change where internet, cell phone, search engines, social networks, etc started influencing people’s lives. And today man depends on this very technology right from the basic necessity to the most complex undertakings.

With access to internet everything is made available online, you never have to go out to get whatever you need. Online shopping, which is the recent trend that is being gradually adopted by many big brands and small companies to cater to customers who literally cannot reach to their customers otherwise? In other words technology is redefining boundaries where reaching out far and wide just through a click of a button is made possible by internet.

Are You Tube, search engines, etc an innovative ways of marketing and entertainment?

Other than the companies making their mark online through online marketing practices; people in general have easy access to a wide range of data pertaining to education, entertainment, gaming and sports, etc. Internet has transformed as a popular means of entertainment today, where thousands of movies, music, etc are freely available on the internet. The collaboration of phones with internet paving way to make possible the concept of smart phones which enables you to carry the various apps, e-mails, movies, music videos, etc anywhere and anytime. The concept of sharing, uploading and viewing the film captured has made You Tube a popular site among the masses.

The unforgettable composition of the artist you admire or the cinema that you can watch ‘n’ number of times available for free when you have internet connectivity on your laptop, tablet, PC and now even on your Smart phones. In fact such sharing and viewing sites have given tremendous opportunities to talented wannabe’s to become famous by making their presence known to millions of viewers. For such fame your content has to go viral on the internet and once it hits off there won’t be any stopping. Showcasing talents which was possible through limited means and opportunities has now expanded through the medium of internet and its various by products like search engines, social networking sites, video sharing sites, etc.

Can You Tube videos be converted to audible MP3?

You Tube is more like a public forum where you can listen to songs, videos, popular speeches, etc and comment on the same. A platform where you can get to see whatever you like; and if you are particular about using this site as an alternative to your tape recorder which again is possible by converting to mp3.

Everything that does not have copyrights can be converted to audios by making use of various non paid websites that only require the URL of the content from that site. Listening to the song that you never get bored with by downloading it in the audio format anywhere on the go on any device like PSP, iPhone, etc. Songs from movies, favorite performers and singers, concert videos, etc anything can be converted by just submitting the respective URL.

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