Know all about the Melanotan 2 mix and usage

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A synthetic peptide homolog is Melanotan 2. It is increasingly routine to contact the natural hormone that stimulates alpha-melanocytes to increase skin cell melanin. It can be admirable medical parlance. Simple terms to grasp what Melanotan 2 is like and how it works. The peptide was to prevent skin cancer. Research shows that Melanotan 2 is an innovative UV protection method. However, yet it is not approved because more research needs on skin cancer patients. People should get proper guidelines of how to use melanotan 2.

How to mix Melanotan 2 vials?

  1. Pick up the MT2 bottle and unscrew the yellow cap.
  2. Remove the cap of the water bottle.
  3. Take a syringe, pierce it, and pass the water up through the bottle cap from the bottom.
  4. Remove the pan. When the vial is with 1 ml of sterile water, remove the needle from the vial.
  5. Put it through the middle of the gray cap and put it into the MT2 bottle. Place the needle on the side of the bottle and slowly press down on the steps to fill the bottle with 1 ml of water.
  6. After emptying the syringe, take it out carefully.

How to use Melanotan 2?

When you know how to use melanotan 2, you are ready to use the tanning syringe, you will have the MT2 solution in the needle and rubbing alcohol swabs. The sampling process consists of six steps:

  1. Take out the mixture from the MT2 vial. In the middle of the gray lid, it’s like a bottle filled with water.
  2. Replace the plunger, fill the syringe with 0.1 ml of mixed solution (about one-tenth of the syringe), and take out the needle.
  3. Locate the injection site on the abdomen and wipe it with a cotton swab a few inches from the belly button.
  4. Squeeze/squeeze the fat tissue so that Melanotan 2 will not inject into the muscle, nor will it crush it.
  5. Insert the needle at an angle of 90 degrees into the area you grip. Do not remove until all 0.1ml of the fluid is in the syringe.
  6. To remove blood from the location, use another swab, where available.

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