Important Terms PC Enthusiasts Must Understand Before Buying a Motherboard: A Written Mentor

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Whether you want a new motherboard as an upgrade or to build a new computer, knowing its terms is vital here. Professional PC builders all look for the highest-quality motherboard in the market to have computers work at their best. These builders all know what motherboard terms mean as well.

motherboard terms

To shop Motherboards does not mean about the cost alone. It also means about how well you understand about each of its terms. It is important to know and understand these terms if you want to build a good running PC. Here are the top ones you must study about.


This is a transistor used for the parameter of the board’s voltage.

DIMM Slots

These are those slots on the board which accepts the RAM.

USB Header

This header comes in two types, namely USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. They connect matching wires right into the computer chassis which directs to the USB connectors. As for those connectors, they are located at the board’s exterior part of the case.

Front Panel Header

This shows a grid of pins with color coding. It accepts wires from your computer case and attaches thin cables right to the case’s power and reset switch.

I/O Shield

This is a rectangular metal plate having sharp edges that are found at the back of your computer’s case. It obtains port cutouts. It helps in shielding the motherboard when inserting cables right into the port.

SLI and CrossFireX

They refer to the motherboard’s ability to receive more than just a single graphics card. These cards help in improving the performance of the graphics which is useful for both gaming and multimedia.


The BIOS is a firmware that is assigned to managing the computer when it is beyond the environment of the operating system. It is located on a chip inside the motherboard which governs the settings of the system.

The motherboard is the central circuit hub of the computer which connects all the components such as CPU, memory, hard drive, and graphics card attached to it. It is vital to understand these terms as they help you identify the right motherboard to purchase. This is because these boards are available in different types and features. Know what you need and be sure to fit it into your PC.

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