How Cannabis Dog Treats for Anxiety Help

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CBD calming chews for dogs

Cannabis dog treats have become an increasingly popular route of treatment for anxiety and other mental health conditions in both human and canine communities over the past few years. These treats are made of all-natural, cannabis-infused edibles, which can be a style of feeding dogs with particular anxieties.


Although there is no scientific proof that the treats can treat anxiety in humans to the same degree as they do for dogs, these products have been deemed safe and natural by veterinarians and pet experts. Many dog owners in the world are using CBD dog treats for stress and anxiety to help their anxious dogs. 


On the other hand, however, there are several potential side effects of cannabis for dogs and cats. In fact, for both animals, consuming marijuana can lead to aggressive behavior and higher chances of developing cancer. Whereas it is not very clear what specific effects cannabis has on pets when we consume it as a food product, it is known that the chemical THC can get into pets’ systems through the digestive tract regardless of whether we have consumed it ourselves or not.


Additionally, THC can get into pets’ systems through their skin. Pets who have eaten cannabis products should be monitored carefully by pet owners, who need to take them to the veterinarian if they experience anything out of the ordinary.


According to a few studies and anecdotal evidence, however, cannabis treats for dogs with anxiety and other similar conditions work as long as pet owners monitor their dogs carefully and stop giving them treats if they begin behaving oddly. Once a dog has consumed cannabis, it takes about four hours for it to start taking effect.

CBD calming chews for dogs


CBD for dogs is considered safe and natural, just like cannabis treats for humans. CBD comes from hemp and is non-psychoactive, which means that it doesn’t cause any mental effects on your pet.


The amount of CBD you should be giving to your furry friend will depend on the weight of your dog, as well as its health status. For example, if you have an elderly dog and are giving her less than one-half a milligram of CBD per day of the 300 milligrams per day.


Finally, there are some pet owners who are worried about accidentally poisoning their dogs or cats with cannabis because certain seeds may contain extremely high levels of THC – in some cases, as much as 20% of a seed’s weight.

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