Harmony with modern home security

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Unique features of smart locking system:

Its uniqueness is one of the main reasons for its popular use. Here are some of the reasons why it would be the first choice for those who want security homes and different places, hdb digital lock has such a feature where people want it to be a part of the security of their belongings.

  • One of first in the family the security of children is most preferred. This smart locking system allows to lock in a secure way without any panic. The child-proof locking system ensures the child’s safety of the child with its unique knob feature.
  • It also has a vacation mode. Isn’t it a cool idea? With the help of this mode whenever an individual leaves their house it can be kept in vacation mode. When it is activated once will trigger the alarm if any trans passer tries to unlock the door.
  • It has the feature of random code of security. With this provision, before entering the password one needs to be prompted by tapping two randomly selected digits. Thereby it is important to make sure to guess the appropriate number which is entered for purpose of locking.
  • It also has a high-temperature alarm, which helps to detect the abnormal increase in the temperature and makes the alarm ring in such a case. At the same time, the door lock will also flash to alert the people. The door will be automatically unlocked in such conditions and allow you to escape faster.

All these special features make it the best and smart locking system and ensure the security of all those who stay at home.

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