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where to buy oyster in singapore


Are you looking forward to getting your hands on some fresh oysters and wondering where to buy oyster in singapore? If you place your purchase before 9 p.m., you will get next-day delivery across Singapore. The secret to obtaining excellent oysters is to look for them while they are still young. At Greenwood Fish Market, they receive at least six different kinds of fish every day to ensure that they always have something for everyone, from novices to experts.Not only do fresh and live oysters have a plethora of flavorful liquids, but they also contain a substantial amount of minerals, including omega-three fatty acids.

Every good shuck brings a new and unique experience.

As the most significant live oyster supplier to the foodservice industry in Singapore, you can be confident that you are receiving the freshest oysters available anywhere in the world from us. You may choose to have the freshly imported oysters delivered live or to have them shucked just before they are delivered to your door.

A wide variety of fresh oysters are available for a one-stop oyster crawl – from tiny Kumamoto to the crème de la crème of French oysters, Gillardeaus – all available at the restaurant. The tastes in each of the oysters are a rich, exquisite mix of flavors that is distinct from the others, providing you with an unforgettable gourmet experience with every slurp! Don’t be scared to compare and contrast various shucks to understand the tiny variations between them.

Oysters are regarded as a delicacy, and they are eaten in various ways that vary greatly based on geographical region and cultural background. While oysters are traditionally dried, steamed, or made into a flavorful oyster sauce in China, eating them raw has becoming more popular in the West. The conventional method is to pour some lemon juice over them and toss them with some Tabasco or mignonette sauce for extra flavor to consume live oysters. To get the most fantastictaste from oysters, they must be consumed immediately after harvesting, as with other high-quality seafood, regardless of preparation technique.

Many are huge fans of these mollusks, and the greenwood fish market wants to share their enthusiasm for them with as many people as possible. Dine-in customers continue to benefit from the oyster Tuesdays to this day. If you’d like to purchase them in bulk and consume them at your leisure, the islandwide delivery service may be a good option for you.


Take a peek at the online catalog to see the variety of oysters that we presently have available for purchase. The oysters are delivered on platters that are ready to eat, so feel free to suck down one oyster as soon as it arrives at your door.

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