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If you are planning to open up a barber shop soon and has no clue how to buy a barber chair that will be used for your business then don’t worry anymore because we will help you in determining the quality features that you must know about barber chairs.

If you would think of it, opening up a barbershop sounds easy to fathom but in reality, it takes a lot of dedication, planning and the tools and equipment that needs to use in order for you to provide a quality service for your customers.

best barber chair

Below are the tips prepared by Furnish and Style that we want to share with you in choosing the best barber chair out there.

•Comfort- If you’re wondering why I put this on top of the list. Well, everyone wants comfort every time and everywhere. How much more if you are in the barber shop getting your haircut and your beard shaved. Comfort is in fact, the most important thing you should find in choosing the perfect barber chair. It has to have soft mattress foam in its upholstery to rest the back, a footrest and a headrest as well which can be reclined to the most comfortable position wished by the customer.

•Durability- Not everyone who visits the barbershop has the same weight and size. More often times boys who have extra weight can damage the barber chair in the long run that is why you should proactively ask the barber chair maker what are the materials the chair is made of. More often, durable barber chairs are made up of a steel frame in its shaft as well as the entirety of it. It should be durable enough to carry the weight of an extra size person. Although the most durable barber chair is quite expensive, your investment will surely return because it can last a lifetime.

•Size- Just like what I mentioned above, not all customers has the same size. Barber chairs do not just provide comfort but also, it should have enough space to fit in a person who has 36-inch to 40-inch or even larger waistline. Go for the largest barber chair available so that you’ll be ready to accommodate the big boys.

•Design/color- Design, and color also matter when buying a barber chair because this will provide the overall impression of your barber shop interior design. The better design, the more customers will be attracted for its visual attraction.

•Pricing- Buying a barber chair is considered an investment. Its durability and other functions rely on the budget that you have but if you dig deeper, search wider, maybe you can score a cheap but very durable and high-quality barber chair.

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