Explain the safety of trading on GDAX and which coins are used in it?

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Coin base is a legal company that got approval from the government body for trading. It is the oldest crypto currency among others. After some time it came into the market with some other additional feature in it that is known by GDAX.  It supports the exchange of four crypto currencies:

  1. Bit coin
  2. Etherium
  3. Lite coin and
  4. Bit coin cash: it exist as a coin base

The creator of the coin base and GDAX are promising to their traders for adding some more coins early. They are willing to enhance a list of coins on GDAX and coin base for the project of crypto currency it is because of their huge number of customers. The thing that makes it easy for this platform is using real-world currency. In case if somebody wants to exchange lots of different crypto currencies then it is not suitable because of having only four kinds of coins including. They have to use some other exchanges that include hundreds of different coins.

Binance is the exchanger that contains more than hundred different coins for exchange and it also added more coins regularly. People generally are afraid to adopt this trading method because of the safety issue. They worried about the safety of their money so for that issue the company of gdax and coin base assures their customers completely. They provide each of their customers with a unique identity before they start trading. It uses a high-security feature for the safety of each trading and transactions. If you decided to keep your money in the vault, the money will not be released for the next 48 hours after your request to withdraw. This is a high-security level so that if any hacker tries to access the account, you have 48 hours for transaction cancellation.

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