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Gone are the days when sea voyages lacked luxury. In today’s world, it would not be wrong to say that, ‘nothing is too big and nothing is impossible.’The entire yacht industry has undergone a gigantic transformation with the introduction of super, mega and luxurious yachts. These yachts have not just redefined the size and shape of yachts but have come up with a wide range of varying amenities to impart maximum comfort and luxury.

gigantic and classy yachts

Much in Demand!

Since, a wide range of yachts in different shapes, sizes and with varying amenities are available today, the popularity of such gigantic and classy yachts is soaring high. More and more people are interested in buying yachts. It is just like a second home floating on the water  which is luxurious, classy and unique. As far as yachts are concerned, these can be categorised into two different groups based on their takers-

  • Yachts for sale
  • Chartered yachts

Whatever be your needs i.e whether you need to buy a yacht or charter one, 4Yacht will be your perfect partner. All you have to do is dream and we will fulfill it for you. One always wishes of the best that life has to offer and chartering or owning a luxury yacht is the perfect exclamation to it.

How much does it cost?

Fort Lauderdale continues to be the yachting capital of the world. It is the best place to begin one’s yacht search with it. Nowhere else in the world can one see the tremendous variety of yachts in a single day. In the year 2017, 373 yachts of 24 meters and above were sold in the United States, with an average sale price of $8.8 million USD.

Luxury yachts and the different variety:

Luxury motor yachts have their own variation in design and amenities. These are available in both large and small sizes. Larger the size, more unique is its creation. However, this cannot be said about the smaller boats as the design in this case is limited to a few where only a small variation in design is allowed. Create your own luxurious life on water with these super cool yachts.

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