Causes And Relief From Serious Cramps

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Causes And Relief From Serious Cramps

During various activities, your body might experience problems due to improper conditions developed in it. They might be simple regular uneasiness cramps or lead to serious problems to your body. A cramp is just an involuntary contraption of your muscles which cause severe pains. They might cause temporary disabling of muscles, strong pains and uneasy sensations. They however, tend to disappear on their own within a short period of time, but if you are experiencing serious cramps frequently, it might be advisable to get medical checkup and get the help of a doctor.

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Symptoms and Causes

These cramps can particularly target muscles in special parts of your body. They are usually marked with severe pains shooting down the muscle, hardening the nerves, and temporary inability to move or control the muscle. There might be different reasons behind these pains, among which not all of them are serious and need medical attention. Few common causes of cramps are;

  • Severe physical exertion – This is one of the typical cause behind cramps. Typically attacking your leg muscles, these cramps occur in case of heavy exertion and strain on your muscle. Hardness of muscle can be experienced in this case. They tend to disappear after a short time, without any serious effects.
  • Inadequate blood supply and nerve compression – Sometimes arteries narrow down and fail to deliver ample blood to the muscle tissues. It causes similar pain in the tissues. Similar to this condition, nerves connecting your muscles might cause cramps. These issues are caused by uncomfortable positions and twisting connectors.
  • Sexual activities – These kind of cramps might be a sign of some serious issue. Generally experienced by women, experiencing serious cramps during or after intercourse can have some underlying problems or even turn out to be a normal cramp. There are some specific conditions like endometriosis, pelvic inflammation or menstrual cycle, which can cause uncomfortable cramps.

Most of the times, these cramps do not cause any major damage to the body. But sometimes, they might indicate some serious issues in internal organs. Hence, in case of prolonged severe pains, it is better to contact experts.

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