Benefits of hdb doors

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When it comes to hdb renovation, selecting the kind of door is a very important part. For you to make a good decision you must have some fundamental knowledge regarding the kind of products that are available in the market and also the design trends. Currently hdb door singapore can considerably improve the functionality of your house and also enhance its aesthetic appeal so you must select the interior and the primary doors of your house properly.

As a result a homeowner can enjoy the door both like an addition to the decor and also like a zoning tool and they also serve to be focal points of the house.

Listed here are a few different trends materials and types of hdb doors.

What are some regulations and rules for selecting HDB doors?

Generally, when you want to to get a replacement permission for an internal hdb door you don’t need an official permit as long as there are not any major changes to be made to the size and the measurement and when it comes to the primary door you need to apply and get an approval especially if the entrance of the house is the same as that of the fire escape door.

The door should face the staircase and it must be located at least at a 3 metre distance from the elevator lobbies and the primary door should be fire rated and the rating should at least be 30 minutes and it should have a door closer. It is also crucial that all entry points should open at a width of 850 mm.

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