Basic requirements for choosing the gun safe

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Nowadays it has become very essential to keep the safe boxes in every home and bank to protect your highly valuable items from burglaries and thefts. Gun safes are one type of safe boxes that is useful for storing guns. The proper storage of guns is very important because it can help in preventing the children, family members, and unknown persons from taking them out and avoid firing. When you plan to purchase the vault size and weight, it can carry is one of the basic requirements to be considered. The common question raised by the sellers is how much does a rifle weigh and the weight may vary based on the model and type of gun. There are three types of gun safes based on weight and size.

You can easily carry the lightweight strongboxes using your hand and are most suitable for traveling. It is easy to send using the normal shipping process getting no struggle. The weight of this type of gun safe is about 50 pounds to 45 pounds. It has less storage space and comprises a solid, double-walled door and single-walled body. The medium fireproof safes are slightly bigger when compared to the lightweight box. The weight of this box is around 100 pounds to 250 pounds. It has many reinforced hinges, stronger shutting boats, and a double-walled body in it.

Most people prefer this type because it has insurance protection and has the features of fireproofs and high storage. The bigger professional safes are larger and provide a high level of security and values to the people using them. The weight ranges from 200 pounds to 400 pounds and is of reinforced steel. It has four-walled doors and saves the box for nearly 1 hour when caught in a fire accident. It is completely safe to keep your valuables and documents in it. It is highly necessary to know how much does a rifle weigh for choosing the best and safe box that suits your needs.

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