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What would a person need in his life? He will need the basic amenities like groceries, vegetables, dairy and all. He will need good schools nearby to his kids. He will need recreational centers like parks, theatres, shopping malls and all these. Thought the project, The Rivercove EC Residences is not located in the heart of the city, all the needs from basic to higher end are within the close proximity of the project. Like, it is the centre of all these needs of a man. Here is a list of all the things that you will find in the close vicinity of the project:

Sengkang Riverside park

  • The Sengkang Riverside park:
    With the Punggol Reservoir running around the residence project, the Senkang Riverside park, a peaceful place is located right next to the park. It has got a manually constructed wetland which is very much rich in biodiversity.
    Visitors are provided with many facilities to witness the park’s beauty and to have a close look at the manually planted marshes. They can experience the inhabitants of the marshland very closely. This particular Riverside park is a huge hope and home to many of the wetland animals and also to the aquatic life that is living in the reservoir.
  • The Sengkang Way bridge:
    Bridges and flyovers are quite common in Singapore. In fact, Singapore is well known for its bridges which have this amazing architectural designs and construction. Since the project, The Rivercove EC Residences is surrounded by the great Punggol Reservoir, a bridge, named as the Sengkang Way Bridge which is a beautiful sight connects the project side of the area to the rest of the city of Singapore. This Bridge has inspired many of the photographers with its spectacular design and architectural construction.
  • The Punggol Reservoir:
    The Punggol Reservoir is more like an artificial river created by man. It is more like, he created an artificial floating island and made like a mini- town out of it. He also created all the basic needs nearby. He made some recreational centers as well. This area is one of the most attractive piece of land available in Singapore and is located right next to the mega project, The Rivercove Residences.
  • The Sengkang Floating Wetland:
    The Sengkang Floating Wetland in Punggol Reservoir is a beautiful scenery for nature lovers. It provides a close connection with the nature. It is actually like a natural home to many species of birds and water animals. It was mainly created with the idea that it will provide to be a useful ecosystem which it actually did as well.
  • The Sengkang Hockey Stadium:
    The city or town of Sengkang is known for its highly improved technologies and also for its improved methodologies of living. The Senkang Hockey Stadium is one of the products of such methodology. This Senkang Hockey Stadium has always provided to be a proper recreational center. This Hockey Stadium is actually a part of the Senkang Sports Center.

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