Ancient methods of Online Relationship apps?

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Online Relationship apps

In recent times, all we seem to do it assume and judge. When we want to know something about the person we look for them on social media and check out their posts and pictures and develop a perception of how the person is or should be. Are we right to judge someone like this? Is it necessary that everything posted on social media about that person is true? Or whatever that person posts are the person actually like that? Do we even give a thought to any of these? There are people on social media that might post the most motivational quotes; however, they could be the most miserable or negative person in real life. Same goes when it comes to dating apps. On dating apps, all we do is judge the person based on the looks and the short conversations and before you know you are out on a date with that person. Do dating apps give you enough to be able to build a correct perception? There are quite a few dating apps available in the play store. For example – Tinder, Coffee meets bagel.

dating scene

In older times, the dating scene was completely different. Maybe you met someone in college or at a workplace or even at a friend’s party and just liked the person in the first instance. You would then confide in your best friend and ask them if they knew that gal or guy. Then would come the process of finding a common friend and setting up a meeting and then be introduced formally, probably exchange numbers and then the conversations and chats would begin. It would be a while before you go on your first date with the person. Today with mobiles and social media playing an important role in our life, if we like a person, all we need is the name of the person and the “cyberstalking” begins. We would follow that person everywhere on social media. See the posts and the photos put up and judge the person based on that. Or the most recent innovation – dating apps; where you see the pictures and the profile of the person and like them. In case they don’t like you back, you move on to the next profile and if they do like you back, the chatting and dating begin. There are quite a few dating apps available in the play store. For example – Tinder, Coffee meets bagel.

Earlier methods of dating seemed more fun and having the curiosity feel to know the person better. Now it’s very similar to going shopping and judging a person based on their looks. Which one do you prefer?

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