An Overview to Domain Name Expiry

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Domain Name Expiry

A domain name is the identity of a business, for example This domain name is booked for either one, two, three, five, ten years or even more with an annual charge, further to which they are renewed for continuation. While most of the businesses and companies continue to book their domain names, there are many who do not continue with it. This can be due to any reasons like losing interest, backing out of the trading or current business and even financial concerns. Whatever is the reason, of this domain name is not renewed on time, then it enters the list of expiring domains.

list of expiring domains

How to buy expired domains? Any domain is termed expired when it completes the expiration process which is actually a four step process. The owner is given about 70 days of grace period to make the renewals, failing to which the domain name account is under the hold of the domain name registrar who with holds it. Once the grace period is over and the renewal process is not done, then the owner is given another 30 day time period failing to which the domain status is unlocked and the domain is available for purchase.

There are many reasons as to why a company or business would like to go for expiring domains. Some of the major reasons are –

  1. Popularity of the domain already present
  2. The domain name is already marketed and promoted on varied websites
  3. Since it is an old domain name, it will of course have backlinks linked to it. This way it helps the new business to take optimum benefits without any hassles.

How to buy expired domains? You can take advantage of a successful website that generates huge deal of traffic. For example let us assume that there is a website named ‘’ and you find out that there is an expired name that is Both the names have similarities excepting one letter. If there is a huge traffic for, it can be quite expected that a certain percentage of traffic from that website will land up in your website unknowingly.

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